On a wave of minimalism.



Manta is the answer to the needs of the contemporary work-life balance lifestyle. The rounded curves follow the movement of the imaginary waves and represent the natural workflow. Yet, the shape still offers required comfort for reading a book or enjoying a cup of delicious coffee. The transition from one horizontal plane to another creates multifunctional objects which form complex minimalist furniture that fullfils the role of a table, bench or worktop. Objects stand out especially in open-spaces or co-working areas. Thanks to the use of high-quality materials, there is no limit to their use. Manta lets you create oases of relaxation almost anywhere, on campuses, in libraries, as long as there are people who need personal space for concentration or relaxation. Thanks to easy portability of this solitary system, each user can find privacy or company based on their needs. The product is created by a bent metal sheet standing on a subtle metal structure, their harmony can be enhanced by choosing the right color combination. Objects can also be supplemented by a lamp, which will increase their usability in dark spaces.


Type: Furniture, Manufacturer: mmcité, Year: 2019