I wanted to formulate an innovative artistic lighting object. I let the transparent forms of the lamp intersect, overlap, and layer one over another, thus giving rise to a new light-spatial sensation.



The concept is visualized by two convex capsules, one overlapping the other and merging into a single translucent form, inspiration for which can be found in nature – the shapes of cells or plant seeds. The combination of an outer shell of crystal clear glass and internal capsule of coloured glass creates exhilarating tension and gives rise to an intriguing 3D optical effect. The Capsula light sculpture is gently held together by a tubular light source connected with small wooden end caps, and the effect is underlined by the coloured core in its crystal clear outer bubble. When multiplied, Capsula lights create a unique interior lighting landscape reminiscent of the fluorescent seeds of the Na´vis’ sacred tree on Pandora in the film Avatar.


Type: Light, Manufacturer: Brokis, Year: 2013