The goal was to create a lamp resembling a light beam descending from a floating marble top and bouncing back against a large marble bottom plate.

Sincerity and secrecy in one. A simple shape; a lamp that provokes questions. My own Houdini trick. My ship in a bottle.

Inspiration for Bella comes from the campanile – bell tower – and my admiration for its sculptural beauty.

A key role is played by the inosculation of luminous bodies and their mutual interaction in space.

Shaped as a rounded polygon, there is also space to share should others wish to take a seat too.

The initial idea was based on a hand sketch. I consider a simple line very powerful for capturing a thought, and from there I took it further. I set out to achieve a rich effect of multiple lines using basic tools.

A tribute to the kinetic beauties of Alexander Calder, space captured in the eyes of light.

I wanted to formulate an innovative artistic lighting object. I let the transparent forms of the lamp intersect, overlap, and layer one over another, thus giving rise to a new light-spatial sensation.

A collection of chairs inspired by fashion industry and luxury haute couture style.

Soft curves, contrasting materials, and the traditional technique of bending wood by hand comprise the basis for the elegant CHIPS lounge chair.

Clip – born from a concept wherein two identical padded forms are brought together at opposite angles in a tubular steel clip, which cradles them from beneath and serves not only as the support structure for this striking seating piece but also as one of its core design elements.

Cocon represents a capsule where time has stopped and where comfort comes first.

A large-scale object to serve as the centrepiece of the interior. It was a fascinating experience to sculpt an object out of a soft textured material. The subtle yet robust form and the combination of natural Portuguese cork and strawberry-red cushions is my personal visual statement.

“I wanted to tell the story of an ideal house, and not with words but rather with light in its most varied forms,” says Lucie Koldova. “In my haus, light played the main role, and the furniture completed the rooms – not the other way around.”’

An opulent feast. Luminous fine dining. Come savour the taste.


Glass holds its form and can also hold other objects. Shapes for shapes. Floating or lying.

A series of colourful low handblown glass tables resembling sandglasses. A playful yet fragile combination.

Elliot embodies a steadfast commitment to sustainability and ecofriendly design.

The glass life circle. A modern technique resulting in a one-of-a-kind piece of furniture.

Two seemingly incompatible materials have created a unique piece of jewelry that highlights the delicacy of glass and the durability of silver.

The concept was defined by an unorthodox, fresh, and contrasting approach.

I wanted to create an archetype of a mirror, a statue that dominates and shapes the space around it and acquires true meaning in the reflection of a man, whom it alone has the power to turn into a real human icon.

Variable, elegant, and precision workmanship all the way down to the smallest detail.

Variable, elegant, and precision workmanship all the way down to the smallest detail.

A functional light object in aesthetic elation, a sentinel of the evening and the night.

The set of signal works consists of the ever favourite luminaires but also signature furniture pieces

Metal lenses levitating in space are suspended from a sophisticated fluid shaped reflector on thin steel wires.

Three brothers. Three interconnected circles. Trees with tangled roots. Belonging, closeness, family. They can stand alone, but together they are invincible.

A true celebration of glass as a material. The glass soul neglection.

The concept idea of Link sofa is based on the fact, that people like to meet and share.

The passage of light through stone. A shape is yielded by which to secure stone between two voluminous hemispheres of glass. Macaron is the end result, the embodiment of the overall idea.

On a wave of minimalism.

Crisp lines. Clean profile.

I was able to design several new products especially for this space and thus began writing a new chapter, one where my products play the main role in a complex work of art.

A futuristic helmet or undiscovered species of jellyfish... The tubular light source daringly penetrates the delicate, smooth body of the lamp. A passionate love affair of forms. My desire was to create a different lighting atmosphere and tell a story through an everyday object.

Muffins, the very first design to originate in Paris. The first product to gain an international audience. My first work with glass. The medium is fascinating and mysterious.

Soft, rounded forms come together in an elegant swivel armchair

The Orbis collection is based on a universal shape

Minimalist sculptural beauty; matter at once fluid and static. This is a simple geometry borne on the delicate counterpoise between lines and arcs.

Transparency, translucency and naked honesty

Transparent forms cutting through one another have always held a special fascination for me. The elegance of the clear overlapping shells and delicate tones conjure echoes from the plant kingdom, a symbiosis articulated in glass.

Bold, daring, yet sublimely atmospheric

A collection of barrel chairs inspired by the quilted coat commonly known in the fashion industry as the puffer jacket

Puro is my answer to volumed light design. An endeavour to tame light and scrutinise its impact in the interior.

Puro Eclectic is a new suspension light composition comprising handblown Puro tubes.

Sparkle levitates in space and dominates its interior landscape. It is a light sculpture and the embodiment of positive energy.

Puro is my answer to volumed light design. An endeavour to tame light and scrutinise its impact in the interior.

The Tower of Tidings, which will spark off the celebrations of the 100 years since the foundation of Czechoslovakia

The collection is based upon the idea of people meeting people & lines meeting lines.

Handmade jewellery that senses the inner beauty and harmony of the woman.

A sphere as a universal shape, yet whose upper section has been dramatically severed.

The delicate sphere of handblown matte or gloss glass resides beneath a stainless-steel hoop, which serves as a handle for moving the light from one place to another.

Small pendant spot lights inspired by the classic ‘atelier lights’.

Two softly shaped composite sheets of veneered plywood, the upper sheet levitating above the larger one, create enough space for storage of all necessities – pens, laptop, or computer keyboard – in between.

You might call it a statement piece, as feminine and strong as the woman wearing it.

The outdoor living landscape

I consider the circle the perfect shape, but I take care to never fall spinning in it. These timeless lamps seem to rotate in space, their graphically simple silhouettes floating in air.

You can sense the spirit of light. You can now also touch it and invite it into your living space.

A wooden table based on a self-supporting system. There is no structure, no screws, only simple elements joined together in a functional whole.

Lucie conceived the Chips installation from the ground up and has rounded it off with her Fragment side tables and Jack O’Lantern lights.

My first rendezvous with professional design. The first object I exhibited outside my homeland, shown for the first time in Paris. A strange coincidence. At the time, I had no idea how the city would determine my direction.

The design reverses the archetypal shape to achieve the result – an upside down light object with untraditional and soft proportions.

A collection of stools consisting of silvered and simple internally coloured glass pieces reflecting their surroundings in the mirror surface.

My central themes: circle, sphere, cone of light, glass... just one step further. Knowing I do what I love makes me relaxed and content. Passion and joy. Crystal-clear, juicy, vivid joy.

This table is like a beautiful and smart woman. The shape evokes her seductive wrap-around skirt, but underneath lies a sophisticated solution. The shape was, in fact, designed to allow plywood to be bent by hand without the use of forms.

The cross, which usually indicates a center, is the main element of the product and it is noticeably embodied in its base.